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Gourmet Muffins Made From scratch!

Cinnamon Roll Muffins like you've never had before

Our mouthwatering muffins are super fluffy and packed full of flavor in every bite! We pride ourselves on our secret recipe and baking techniques.  Grab a six pack and enjoy them from your freezer to microwave in less than a minute. Or you can simply set out to thaw for about an hour. 

About Us

How The Muffin Girl was created

 The Muffin Girl was established in the beginning of 2015. Taryn MacQuilkin, co-founder, was asked to bake muffins for a bridal shower she was hosting. After many failed attempts she created a Delicious muffin from scratch using real ingredients such as buttermilk and butter. They were a huge hit. Taryn registered with the home baked goods program in Maricopa county, AZ. She began selling her muffins at local farmers markets in the valley.    

No Added Preservatives. Preserve the flavor for under 200 calories!

Can you tell the difference between an home made muffin and the other ones full of preservatives, most likely yes!

The Muffin Girl does not add preservatives and uses REAL ingredients. We use a flash freezing process to lock in our unique texture and taste to provide you a home made product that still tastes home made. 

From freezer to microwave, or simply thaw for your enjoyment!

Do you like that right out of the oven warm taste? Our cinnamon roll muffins take less that 40 seconds in the microwave to accomplish the warm icing to melt into our fluffy muffin.

Or, maybe you prefer to enjoy your muffin at cooler state, no problem! Simply set out from the freezer to desired temperature. They store great in lunches for a delicious snack or  meal.

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The Muffin Girl